Chickahominy Volunteer Fire Department

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Station 10 Apparatus

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Engine 10

Engine 10 2008 Seagrave Marauder II Extrication Engine 2000/750

Engine 10 is the 1st out piece for CVFD #10 and spends a lot of time on I-95. The unit is equipped with a Detroit Diesel engine, 7 discharges and 5 intakes, 10K PTO Generator and plenty of Lights. The new Safety striping improves Firefighter safety, as does the LED Lighting. It is a Virginia EMS Certified First Response vehicle, and carries hydraulic Extrication Tools.

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Engine 10 Unit 2

Engine 10 Unit 2 1992 Seagrave Rescue Engine 1250/750

Engine 10 Unit 2 is now the 2nd out Engine if needed for CVFD #10. It is used as the hydrant piece or takes a second call when it comes in. It carries a full compliment of equipment as does E-10 with no extrication hydraulics. It has a Detroit Diesel engine, 1250-GPM pump, 750-gallon tank, 9 discharges and 5 intakes.

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Medic 10

Medic 10 2012 E450 Horton Ambulance

Medic 10 is our Advanced Life Support equipped transport unit. The unit is staffed 24-7-365 by career & volunteer members. It is one the busiest units in the county. It carries 2 SCBA Units, Forcible entry gear, and all the appropriate ALS equipment.

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Squad 10

Squad 10 2007 Spartan Crimson Heavy Duty Rescue

Equipped with a 25KW generator, 10,000-psi Centaur Hydraulic Extrication Tools, Struts, Specialized Cutting Saws, Low & High Pressure Air Bags.

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Foam 10

Foam 10 1991 Oshkosh T-1500

Foam 10 unit was previously in service at Richmond International Airport, and now is one of the apparatus that is housed at Station 10. It is a very valuable piece of equipment, as we have a regional airport and two major interstates in our first due.

Photo by Paul Hope